Due to our huge growth abroad we are looking for a German-speaking country manager responsible for our markets in three German speaking countries. You will be part of a young and international team in our beautiful office in IJsselstein, close to Utrecht. It is also possible to work from our second office in the city centre of Eindhoven. Do you have all-round skills and are you interested in a diversified and existing position? Then this is really something for you!

the role

You are responsible for the German-speaking markets in Europe by taking care of our German-speaking services. You will be involved in the whole process starting from an idea to the final service. Your tasks include hiring, training, checking our partners and freelancers, writing content and dealing with technical request, being the point of contact for customer requests as well as working with Google AdWords. You will be part of an international team with the common goal of ensuring quality.

Desired skills

  • Excellent knowledge of German language in word and writing
  • Knowledge in Swiss-German or Austrian-dialects are a big plus
  • Good knowledge of English language in word and writing
  • Other languages are a plus too
  • Open and flexible mind-set
  • You can handle responsibility, achieve your goals and at the same time be a loyal team player
  • You can work well with applications like: MS Office, Google applications, Sublime text (or other editor)
  • You are available 32-40 hours a week
  • You are a multitasker and dare to accept every challenge

What do we offer?

  • An excellent salary
  • An interesting and diverse function
  • Attractive secondary working conditions
  • You are part of a solid and motivated team that’s eager to achieve every goal!
  • Coffee, fruit and beers for the after-work-beers (Borrel) are provided

What are your tasks?

  • Training operators and partners
  • Evaluate the quality of operators, and make them improve
  • Provide support to the support team (e.g. by helping with customer support)
  • Translating, adapting and writing website related content
  • Writing and checking Google-AdWords and Bing campaigns


DeepData B.V. is a leading software development company that specialises in developing and running various b2c online services. The company has grown into one of the largest players in its segment and has hundreds of thousands of end users that are served on a daily basis across Europe.

Our portfolio consists of an innovative real estate crowdfunding platform, social matchmaking, entertainment shopping, real estate management, affiliate marketing and much more!


Send your CV and motivation to or contact +31 (0) 85-3035226.

Acquisition as a result of this vacancy is not appreciated.


We want to grow as a company, but it is also important for our employees to develop themselves. That’s why we encourage training, innovation and creativity. The final results reflect this approach. Everything is possible, such as attending courses and trainings, and having the opportunity to explore new techniques and technologies while working.

People like to work at DeepData because of the cheerful and informal atmosphere. We treat each other with respect, are open and transparent and we can give feedback to learn from each other.

Our offices

We work from two offices in The Netherlands. One office is located near Utrecht, the other one is located in Eindhoven.

The perfect workplace

Each workplace is spacious. We work at beautiful sit-stand desks, electrically adjustable in height. Switching between sitting and standing benefits the productivity and we encourage it wholeheartedly! We all work with two or three monitors, so that we can utilise a vast digital desktop. Specific requirements in terms of OS or computer? No problem. We are completely flexible when it improves efficiency.

Lunch room

Everyday, we have lunch together. Apart from having lunch, you can always go to our canteen/lunch room for a nice cup of coffee or tea, and a piece of fresh fruit. On Fridays after work, we usually make some time to drink beers and other refreshments together.

Meeting space

On the 2nd floor, we have a beautiful open meeting room, where regular meetings occur. This room is ideal for creativity and brainstorm sessions with one or more colleagues and has comfortable seating for meetings.