DeepData specializes in providing a full scale of IT services in the markets of software development, data management, business intelligence, web design, content management, web hosting and internet marketing.

DeepData manages multiple platforms with hundreds of thousands of members. Among the various projects are hundreds of people involved. We are a major party in mainstream dating, shopping, entertainment and crowdfunding. What motivates and stimulates DeepData to get the best out of everyone’s business, is the aim to always be different. With the development of automated processes, we provide a higher quality of management information, efficient organization of business and a better conversion on your online activities.

Our vision is to make the best out of what is available (good data, content and customer contacts) and then apply our expertise to deliver software solutions with measurable results. Our imagination is the only limit to what we can build.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that with the most effective management of the IT environment, our clients get the most out of their business. Complex problems are turned in to easy solutions to give you the best control of your IT landscape. We do this in a way that you really are care-free. Before, during and after the process. We are convinced that our strategy, combined with all the dedicated professionals, provides the right foundation to continue to improve in the future.

The usability and the quality of our sites, but definitely good and lasting relationships with our employees and customers come first. By continuing to develop our skills we can keep improving our websites. Because we have good, safe and reliable content delivery, we provide visitors a maximum user experience and privacy.

Having fun at work increases productivity and creativity of the employees. The final result reflects this. This makes one of the main priorities that employees are having fun at work.

Everything is possible such as attending courses, doing trainings and the opportunity to explore new techniques and technologies while working. There are also schemes for the purchase of ergonomic work tools. People like to work at DeepData because of the cheerful atmosphere and informal company. We treat each other with respect, are open and transparent and we can speak together to learn from each other.