The first stone of our office was laid in 2001. An eye-catching and unique architecture built office located in a prominent location in the center of Vleuten. Designed by architect ir. D. T. Josee.


Each workplace is spacious. We are working at beautiful sit-stand desks, electrically adjustable in height. Switching between sitting and standing benefits the productivity and we encourage it wholeheartedly! We all work with two monitors, so that we can utilize a vast digital desktop. Specific requirements in terms of OS or computer? No problem. We are completely flexible when it improves efficiency.

kantoor boven

With modern architecture and construction methodology of our office we have a lot of light, so that a bright, open space is created that fits our company. An open workplace ensures that you maintain contact with your colleagues and invites a spontaneous brainstorm session, meetings or short conversations about work or anything else. We have organized the open workplace so that the space of the office remains used while there is plenty of privacy. Because of this you work in a nice open space that feels homey and not stuffed like a standard office with too many workplaces.


Research has shown that working in a green environment satisfies the mood of staff benefits. That’s why we have chosen for this property. The largest park in the area "The Courtyard" is just around the corner. From the office you have a good view of the neighborhood and the various landscaping around the office.

kantoor boven

On the 2nd floor is our lunchroom. The lunchroom is arranged so that there is a clear distinction between the workplace and the place where we spend our leisure time. It's a nice place where you feel comfortable instantly. Of course there is also room for relaxation next to lunch.


On the 2nd floor is a beautiful open meeting room, where regular meetings occur. This room invites for creativity and brainstorm sessions with one or more colleagues and has comfortable seating for during the meetings. There is also room to relax in this space and be yourself again get away to recharge!


Around the office there is enough parking space. You can park for free around the office.